Sunday, January 1, 2012

Out with the old and in with the new?

Wow. Another year has passed. 2011 was 365 days full or love, laughter, and lessons learned. Here are some of the BIG things that come to mind when I think about what the year has held.

I finally Went to Africa. Uganda will always have a piece of my heart.
My precious nephew, Charlie, joined our family - he is a miracle from God.
Gained some wonderful new friends. Lost a few friendships.
Saw Taylor Swift's Speak Now Tour. It was magical.
Began my senior year of college. Whoa.
Was on homecoming court with 7 wonderfully Zealous friends
Tried out for a TV show - The Glee Project - in Nashville. (Still not famous)
Traveld to NYC with two of my closest friends. Had a frozen hot chocolate from Serendipity's!
Got my nose pierced with a best friend.
Watched the Sound of Music. It changed me forever.
Learned to listen. To really listen.
Become an RA and worked with an amazing staff.
Took an art class and actually finished a few projects.
Held a summer job as a nanny.
Served another year on WGM cabinet and heard how God moved all around the world.
Had a roommate become the greatest friend I could ever ask for.
Saw a few midnight premiers with friends.
Got the stomach flu. Threw up 22 times.
Lived in a commune with over 400 people for three days.
Started a blog.
Turned 20. Finally out of my teens.

The biggest lesson learned: I set expectations for people. Very high expectations for those I love. More times than not, they fall short. This isn't a flaw with them - its just reality. Its in these times that they fall short that I still have to pour out love. Unconditional love. Because I fall short of the glory of God daily. He continues to shower me in love and mercy. I am blessed because in the areas I "perceive" people falling short in my life - God consistently surpasses all of my expectations.

Watch out 2012 I'm ready to take full advantage of you. I already know some big events and huge changes are in store. I could not be more excited!

Happy new Year!!!!

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  1. love it, jeri! especially the part about finishing some art projects :) haha so glad you're in the blogging world now!