Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thus far...

Well, I haven't been very diligent about blogging the past few months. My last post was during Christmas break right before moving back to Asbury - now, half way through the semester, I thought it would be a nice time to share what has been going on. My last post was a "bucket list" of sorts naming a number of things that I thought would allow me to end my senior year with a bang. I'm laughing now as I revisit this list. Lets see what has happened so far...

All night-er for fun: I've had some late nights - and some even earlier mornings...I guess I can't check this off yet.

Midnight premiere: The movie I want to see more than any other is in fact having a midnight premiere tonight - sadly, I am learning the concept of responsibility and my alarm set for 6:30AM made me decide to wait for a more appropriate time this weekend. I'm okay with this.

Spring Break: CHECK! I went to Owensboro, Ky with a group of 20 students from UK to build a Habitat house. I went only knowing 1 person and came back with 19 awesome friends. It was not the beach...and I'm so happy it wasn't. I could not have asked for a better spring break!

All A's: Going strong - we'll see...

Photo Shoot w/ Jordan: I'm going to be her Made of Honor - so I know a photo shoot is coming. I'm happy the way this one played out.

Movie marathon: CHECK! I'm saying check to this because I've had many nights with lots of movies/ TV on DVD. I still want more :)

Concert: CHECKKK!!! I got to see AND meet the BAND PERRY for my birthday weekend with 11 friends! LOVED IT! Not to mention BRAD PAISLEY was there....Gahhhhh

Senior Chapel: I think this is going to happen!

Camping Trip: Its finally getting warm - and this is in the works!

Luce: I've been running outside - but I'm saying CHECK for the reason this was on the list.

Volunteer somewhere: CHECK! Habitat for Humanity. Built a house! Still wanna do more!

Graduate: I'm on the right track!

Roller Coaster: SOON!

Be in a movie: CHECK! I've been in multiple projects for friends :) Finally a star!

Tattoo: Not yet. But maybe soon.

Job after college: Applying to tons. Praying for the right one!

Drinks and thinks: CHECK! Not so much...but lunches with Lindsay 3 times a week more than makes up for this one!

Fall in love: CHECK! Re fell in love with Jesus. Couldn't be happier. I think He's the one!

Sleep over: CHECK! I've had many! My niece, Jessie, came for a couple of nights. It was perfect!

Tv series: One Tree Hill might be a possibility for this one!

Homemade dinner: I need to get on these!

There ya have it. Some items can be crossed off, some have changed, and others remain. Its a work in process. 1 million other things have happened this semester that I would have never thought to put on my list - life always plays out better than planned!